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Yoga for the Grieving Heart 5-Week Series

Mondays, 5:30-7:30 pm

October 17 – November 14

Grief teaches us that everything is impermanent. The more fiercely we love, the more intensely we grieve when a loved one is lost. Grief affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. Unfortunately, Western culture coaxes us to grieve quickly, to hide our grief, or to ignore it. Too often, our emotions become stuck in the body, and we need tools to remove blocks and to help us process our grief.

Yoga for the Grieving Heart offers a holistic approach to healing from the loss of a loved one. Classes draw upon the principles and practices of yoga to regulate the nervous system, temper emotional reactivity, and cultivate spirituality. Yoga for the Grieving Heart is a journey of the heart to help you accept your loss, process the pain of grief, reconnect with yourself, and return to wholeness.

This 5-week series will be held in person at Inner Peace Yoga Therapy studio in the Siley Building. Location details are provided upon registration.


$197 – Supporter (Your payment supports you and others in the community to participate in the program.)

$167 – Community (Use Coupon Code YGH-COMM and save $30.)

$147 – BIPOC (Use Coupon Code YGH-BIPOC and save $50.)

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Yoga, Nature & Healing 1-Day Outdoor Retreat (POSTPONED)

New Date TBD

The long days of summer lend themselves to exploring our relationship with nature as a pathway to healing and optimal wellness. The collective stress and trauma of the pandemic has affected nearly every person. As a society, we have experienced anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, depression, grief, loneliness, longing, and so much more, and the cumulative effects have pushed many out of balance. Yoga offers countless tools to cultivate balance in times of stress, and spending time in nature has similar effects. Simply taking a walk into the woods and connecting your feet with the Earth is deeply grounding. Allowing oneself to quiet the mind and simply observe the natural world nourishes the body, mind, and spirit and may help us gain clarity of our own experience and feel whole. When we connect with nature, we are living in a state of yoga, our true nature—joy!

Join Wildlife Ecologist and Yoga Teacher & Therapist Lynn Wickersham for a 1-day, outdoor mini-retreat to rekindle our relationship with nature and explore yogic tools that provide a supportive foundation to live well and facilitate healing. We will begin our day with a 90-min Yoga and Meditation practice under the tall ponderosa pine trees surrounding Lynn’s home, affectionately known as The Overlook Bird Sanctuary. Following, we’ll hike into the forest, enjoy a picnic lunch, and sit in community amidst the conifers and aspens. We’ll reflect on the challenges of our lives, turn inward and journal about our experiences, and learn subtle practices that can be incorporated into daily life to facilitate healing.

Cost: $111

*Address and directions will be provided upon registration.

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