Offering relief from grief, chronic pain, and neurological disorders using the tools of yoga in Durango, CO.

Yoga for Grief


Grieving is a natural part of life, but sometimes, we get stuck in our grief and experience difficultly moving forward in our lives. Yoga offers powerful tools to aid in the grieving process by moving stagnant energy in the body, regulating emotional reactivity, and facilitating the acceptance of loss. Birdsong Yoga Therapy offers private yoga therapy sessions, workshops, and Yoga for the Grieving Heart intensive programs all focused on grief transformation. Learn more…

Yoga for Chronic Pain


In the age of the opioid epidemic, access to non-pharmacological pain management techniques is essential. Drawing from modern pain science, I teach evidence-based practices that calm the nervous system, set new neural pathways, and help people recover movement in the face of persistent pain. I work with people one-on-one and offer workshops and small group classes to help people feel better and manage their pain. Learn more…

Yoga for Neurological Disorders


Neurological disorders present a vast array of symptoms that may impair movement, cognitive function, and communication. Yogic techniques can enhance quality of life by improving proprioception, balance, strength, and fine motor skills; setting new neural pathways; enhancing mindfulness; and reducing anxiety and depression sometimes associated with neurological conditions. I work primarily with people living with Parkinson’s Disease but also have training and experience using yoga to address symptoms of MS, Traumatic Brain Injury, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease. Learn more…

What some of our clients have to say…

I went to Lynn for help with the chronic pain I have due to several back surgeries. The techniques that she showed me offered me help in calming the nervous system and not letting the pain get out of control. Although I should probably practice more than I do I still benefit by spending a short time every day doing the simple breathing exercises and poses. Lynn has a very patient and soothing persona and really takes her time in assisting people.

Melanie K.

Such a pleasure working with Lynn! I look forward to our monthly sessions to get re-centered and learn something new about mind-body recovery. And I love the integration of the chakra system into my practice. Thank you Lynn for your loving guidance!

Pamela S.
Since my brain tumor surgery in 2013, I have struggled with anxiety and pain in my back from other injuries. Lynn’s yoga therapy has helped me to exercise proper breathing when trying to calm one’s self and work the muscles in my back the proper way to make up for the areas that have been weakened.
Matt S.
I have been meeting with Lynn Wickersham for Yoga Therapy at Birdsong Yoga for a year. Until I met and took classes from Lynn, I was not a fan of Yoga. Lynn changed my mind. Her workouts have greatly lessened my chronic back and arthritic pain and have increased my flexibility. I highly recommend Lynn.
Tekla M.
Lynn listens with her heart as well as her ears to individual needs and concerns to create a thoughtful, customized path of healing. She has a degree of professionalism that I have not experienced in other programs. Lynn’s treatment path has gifted me the tools I need to heal myself physically and emotionally. Thank you, dear Lynn, for caring and helping me grow.
Cristin C.
You and your approach to yoga and yoga therapy have made a HUGE and very, very positive difference in the quality of my life with Sjogrens Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I went from barely being able to complete a 60 min Yin Yoga class without writhing in pain and now, with your guidance, I am thriving in three 2-hr Yin Yoga practices a week. Thank you for changing my life back to health.
Susan A.


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